Vocal Placement/Audition Information

Vocal Placement / Audition Information

What to Expect in the Meeting

The objective of a vocal placement or audition is for our artistic staff to determine where a prospective singer best fits into the choir. During this meeting we will be checking the singer’s vocal range, getting to know the tone or character of the voice, and checking basic aural skills (pitch matching/accuracy, aural memory etc).

BUT – most of all, we are looking for young people who love to sing, who are willing to learn, and who are interested in becoming part of an exciting group.

Vocal placement meetings and auditions are also a chance for YOU to meet our conductors and ask any questions you (parents and singers) might have. It’s a chance for you to get to know your conductor and ask questions about the program.

What to prepare

A favourite song of your choice, something you can sing well and with confidence. If unsure, you can sing O Canada, a favourite show-tune or even a church song you know well.

What to Expect After the Meeting

After your vocal placement meeting, you and/or your parents can discuss the details of our program with the choir representative, as there are sure to be lots of questions! If you haven’t already registered, you will be given information about program fees and how to register.

Note: Only Senior and Youth Choir choiristers are required to do a vocal placement prior to registering. All Primary Choir and Junior Choir choristers are welcome to register right away.