Welcome to the Home Page of the Edmonton Youth & Children’s Choirs: 

A family of choirs; a choir of families!

Registrations is now open for Winter 2019.  Contact us if you would like to join us in January, for the second half of our 2018-2019 season.  Email us at info@EdmontonYouthChoir.ca or call us at 780 994 6539.

Our family of award-winning choirs provide a professional music education for choristers ages 6 – 24. Through rehearsals, workshops, performances, tours, and social events we ensure that all participants attain technical mastery while also experiencing the emotional bond that comes from making music of a high standard in a group setting. All of our choirs are dedicated to creating choral music of the highest calibre from a variety of genres and cultures.

The Primary and Junior Choirs introduce young singers to the choral art - ages 6 – 11.

Our Boys’ Choir provides training for treble (unchanged) young men ages 10 – 15.

The Girls’ Choir is the home for Junior High women, ages 11 – 15.

And our Youth Choir is our oldest choir, for singers ages 15 – 24.

If you are interested in joining one of our choirs follow the link for that choir or click Becoming a Member.

We’d love to hear from you, see you at one of our concerts or speak with you if you are interested in joining our choir. You’ve also found the right place to hear some of our recordings, see pictures from our recent travels, and stay informed of our upcoming concert schedule.

Check-out our Resources page for extra incentives on why your child should participate in a structured music program.

Please visit the STAFF page to read about our award-winning, professional staff.

Dedicated to the performance of MUSIC from a variety of cultures and genres

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