Youth Choir Payment Info

Youth Choir Fees: $610 + $100 Fundraising Commitment

Payment Options

1. Paid in full by September 30, 2021. 

2. $375 by September 30, 2021; $235 by January 1, 2022

Making Payments

Choir fees may be paid via e-transfer or in person at rehearsals via cash or cheque.

Fees listed above include: association membership, tuition, supplies, concerts, and recording projects.

In addition to the fees outlined above, a separate deposit of $100 is required for music and uniform rental. This deposit is given back to the family/chorister upon the return of their music and/or uniform at the end of the year. A fundraising deposit of $100 is also required. Refund of the fundraising deposit at the end of the year will be dependent on how much of the fundraising commitment has been met. Both deposits are due September 30th.  

We offer a Family Discount of 10% if there are two or more choristers registered in our choir programs.

If you have any questions regarding payment, feel free to contact Lisa by email: or phone: (780) 819-5402