Singing Safely Protocol

Singing Safely Protocol


The health, safety, and well-being of our singers, families, staff and community are our top priority. These plans were thoughtfully created with the help of many individuals and organizations and we thank our EYCC staff, EYCC Boards of Directors, Southminster-Steinhauer United Church (SSUC) Board of Directors and Choir Alberta.  

All protocols and practices are based on the latest advice and direction from Alberta Health Services and will be updated as applicable.

General Polices

1. Singers and guardians will sign a COVID-19 Agreement to uphold EYCC guidelines and acknowledge the risk associated with choir activities. 

2. Safety comes first. Attendance requirements will be adjusted to take into consideration missed rehearsals for health/safety concerns. Remote attendance via Zoom is encouraged for any singers with possible COVID symptoms or exposure.

3. Students who have traveled out of country should self-quarantine for two weeks and attend rehearsal via ZOOM. 

4. If a singer or family member has been exposed to, is being tested for, or has contracted COVID-19, the singer must notify the organization and follow relevant AHS guidelines.

5. If regular on-site rehearsals are suspended for any reason, directors will continue instruction online or in rotating small groups as allowed by health guidelines. Tuition will not be refunded in the event of online only instruction.

6. Directors will ensure that a complete participant list is kept for at least 21 days to be available to AHS for possible contact tracing.

Before coming to rehearsal

– Make certain your singer has no COVID-19 related symptoms. If anyone detects symptoms of any illness or known COVID-19 symptoms like coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, an elevated fever or fatigue they must stay at home 

– Have your singer use the bathroom at home and wash hands thoroughly. Rehearsal restrooms are for emergencies only. 

– You must bring your own water bottle, music, pencils,)

– Make sure to bring your mask and ensure it is regularly washed or replaced.

Once you arrive at rehearsal

– Singers should arrive 5-10 minutes early (but not earlier than 15 minutes) as there is no waiting area.

– Only choir members may enter the church. Parents/guardians/ escorts transporting members to and from practice may not enter the building

– Every person attending rehearsal must do a health self-assessment and use hand sanitizer before entering the building

– Everyone must use the designated entrance to limit cross-traffic exposure.

– Proper mask wearing is mandatory inside the building at all times. 

– Staggered arrival times will be used to minimize contact and ensure singers maintain physical distancing.

Leaving rehearsal

– Choir leaders are responsible for controlling entry into the building. There will be no waiting area inside.

– Guardians who have to sign minors out at the end of rehearsals, have to follow the same protocol as when they signed in. 

– Use hand sanitizer before leaving the building.

– Everyone must use the designated exit to limit cross-traffic exposure.

– Staggered departure times will be used to minimize contact and ensure singers maintain physical distancing.


What measures are you taking in rehearsal space?

  • Non-singers (parents, guardians and siblings) will not be allowed in the building.
  • Masks will be worn at all times while inside the rehearsal venue
  • Southminster-Steinhauer United Church (SSUC) has tested the air exchange in all our rehearsal halls to ensure adequate ventilation as per AHS guidelines
  • Sanitization of surfaces will be according to SSUC Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures

Will there be online options?

Where possible, rehearsals will be available for at-home participation via ZOOM.  Singers may participate from home, either temporarily or for the semester.

What measures are you taking during rehearsal?

  • Singers will be staggered so they are not directly in front or behind one another.
  • Singers will not directly face other performers while singing.
  • Singers will maintain a minimum of 2 metres distance from other performers at all times.
  • Singers will avoid sharing musical scores, instruments and all other items. If items must be shared, they will be cleaned and disinfected between use.
  • Vocal activity will be limited to 30 minutes, followed by a 10-minute break to allow for air exchange in the room.

How do I know if my singer’s mask is right for rehearsal?

Ensure it:

  • has No gaps
  • covers the nose bridge
  • fits tight around the edges
  • is multi-layer
  • is washable or disposable

What do I do if my singer becomes ill with COVID?

Immediately notify the Choir Office (not your director) or if: 

  • A singer has tested positive for COVID-19.*
  • A member of the singer’s household tests positive for COVID-19. 
  • A member of the singer’s school classroom or other immediate group activity tests positive. 

Singers will be allowed to return to rehearsal as per AHS guidelines for their situation.

Remote attendance via Zoom is encouraged for any singers with possible COVID symptoms or exposure.

Is attendance for virtual rehearsals mandatory?

Zoom rehearsal attendance will be tracked – we expect any singers opting for remote participation to attend weekly as if they were in person.