Dedicated to the performance of MUSIC from a variety of cultures and genres


EBC is our boys choir program, specifically designed to meet the uniques needs of the adolescent male singer.  Here boys receive quality vocal training and music education in a setting that recognizes the need for physical activity and provides a secure environment to develop socially.

The Boys' Choir travels and performs across Canada with our own Girls' Choir, as well as with other choirs, including the Calgary Boys' Choir; Grande Prairie Boys' Choir; Coastal Sound Children's Choir; Atlantic Vocal Ensemble and many others.  They have toured throughout Canada, having  travelled to Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, British Columbia, and of course, all around Alberta.

In 2010 the Boys' & Girls' Choirs were Second Prize winners in the National CBC Radio Choral Competition. This was a well-deserved acknowledgement of the quality of work this choir does on a regular basis. Well done!

Who – singers, male (treble choir)) ages 11 – 15 (grades 6 – 9)

When – regular rehearsals are Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30 pm 

Where - Southminster Steinhauer United Church, 10740-19 Ave. 

For more information about this choir, or if you are interested in joining the choir, please contact Dr. John Wiebe at (780) 994-6539 or

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